Dancing with Death - Mix tape Club


"Dancing with Death" was produced by MARK MILLS for his October submission to Mix Tape Club. Mix Tape Club is a collective of Alberta artists who are writing 1 song/month based on a set of themes. Tapes will be made and sent out to subscribers.This was Mark's take on it, as every moment is the APOCALYPSE for someone... For more information, please visit https://mixtapeclubalberta.bandcamp.com


Project Beyonce Episode 9 :: "CEPS"


SUPER BIG DEAL ENTERTAINMENT presents Project Beyonce Episode 9 :: "CEPS" :: sex responsibly! 


TOUR SEPT. 2014!


Heres some new dates kiddos! 

Aug.29 - Edmonton - the artery

Aug.30 - Saskatoon - Amigos 

Sep.1 - Winnipeg - TBA

Sep.2 - Winnipeg - Red River College

Sep.3 - Winnipeg - Red River College

Sep.4 - Saskatoon - U of Sask

Sep.5 - Regina - O'Hanlons

Sep.6 - Calgary - The Palomino 

Sep.11-14 - Victoria - RIFFLANDIA

See you there friends! 


Project Beyonce Episode 8 :: "i see sprouts"


I love family, this I know. I can't get enough of them, and with every challenge blooms joy & expansion. Very excited to be a dad, and for fathers day this year, SUPER BIG DEAL entertainment PRESENTS :: Project Beyonce Episode 8 :: "i see sprouts"


Project Beyonce Episode 7 :: "Irish French Immersion"


SUPER BIG DEAL entertainment PRESENTS :: Project Beyonce Episode 7 :: "Irish French Immersion :: Alright so you meet someone special, and you like things about them, but then you feel like you've been cut up into a puzzle piece and categorized in someones life. Pffffffffffffffffffffffftttt... sometimes that just ain't gonna work. Lets celebrate our differences, not condemn them.


Project Beyonce Episode 6 :: "Gin & Catatonic"


SUPER BIG DEAL entertainment PRESENTS :: Project Beyonce Episode 6 :: "Gin & Catatonic" :: The age old challenge... where do we belong? Where does it fit? How does it make sense? In what context? I certainly haven't figured that out....


Project Beyonce Episode 5 :: "Work Group"


SUPER BIG DEAL entertainment presents :: Project Beyonce :: Episode 5 :: "Work Group" - Yes! sometimes it is easy to have a seperatist mentality, and give up on your partner. This track is about finding the things that bond & bind you, nurture that, work on the shit that isn't ideal. Be Love.


Project Beyonce Episode 4 :: "Escape Artist"


Be real, escape convention. Everyone has their own truth. Living in a part of the world that denatures all of its elements, its easy to get lost in the distortion. 


Project Beyonce Episode 3 :: "Open to :: Hopin too"


SUPER BIG DEAL entertainment presents :: Project Beyonce :: Episode 3 :: "Open to :: Hopin too" After falling in love with my super sweet neat mermaid, I had to delicately dance through the motion of her ocean in order to win her affections. Jacob & I were open to having the nurturing feminine energy around, but we weren't going to force the situation, or try to impress, just be ourselves. When its right its right, and this slow sensual R&B jam documents our freestyle process, reppin what we were all about.


Project Beyonce Episode 2 :: "Youthful Love"


This past winter my wife was hit on the highway by a semi-truck, I wrote her this dance track in an attempt to release all the angst and resentment I felt towards Alberta winter highways. Two months later my mother was killed in a head on collision on AB HWY 27. Why are winter highways fronting on the women in my life? NO BUDG$T productions brings you a brief insight as to what I may do at my mothers grave. I Love you Annie, I am grateful every day that you lived through that accident. I love you #MOM, I am grateful every day for the 29 years you shared with me...


Project Beyonce Episode 1 :: "Straight to you"


I met my beloved wife during a winter tour 2013, we were wed that summer, and on our way to our honey moon on Hornby Island, I gave her my #MOMS ring & and a love letter... Which evidently turned into a sexy electro pop groove composed on the casiotone. Recorded in Edmonton, Calvin Love on Bass.


Project Beyonce


Tomorrow launches the premiere of the project beyonce which is like the regional pool hall U-16 coed best players tournament of the entertainment business. Project Beyonce; 11 track cassette (Triple Fire Sign); 11 top prestige music videos; 11 weeks of releasing a new video each week on monday morning! STARTS TOMORROW!!! GET STOKED!

- JO J 


wild wild wild


Hi there, So much to work with in this life. Call it what you want, life is rich. If you like to dichotomize external encounters in this universe, when its good its good and when its bad its shit. 

My mother was killed driving home from work on my birthday January 6th, 2014. 10 weeks tomorrow. Every milestone regardless of its magnitude, I feel it. I was blessed to have a caring, nurturing & loving mother for 29 years. What a gift that experience was. She shaped me immensely. She showed me how to love people through the trials. What a strong human. 

The young man that met her for the first time half a breath from death, was a passionate humanitarian and powerful asset to this planet. My heart aches for all impacted by this tragic event. 

I release this cassette "Triple Fire Sign" in April. An enchanting tale of a mermaid who lured me to her private lagoon, and mermaid murmured, get me pregnant. I did just that and charted my footwork in what was an epic effort to woo my divine goddess. From hip thrusting dance tracks, to "tricked" out R&B jams, this limited edition Cassette makes all the right sex moves to make impregnating a cosmic mystical creature possible...


2013 life review!


So I am a musician, I fully realized this in 2013. So many years spent wondering if I was good enough to devote my life to it. It is very interesting to me, the way we perceive art, whether it is our own or someone else's, and more particularly how we judge it. 

I have let go of trying to be good. I know in my heart what I am meant to do based on what comes naturally. Lyrics & melodies & more recently, synth parts will pop into my head on a daily basis. Although seemingly random, this has been happening to me for as long as I can remember. For example, as a young lad, I would make up offensive songs about my brothers to provoke some sort of controversy amongst them, I have always thrived off of intensity. Now I see my sexy wife bend over and a sensual R&B song plays in my head. Clearly something is strange about me. 

SO here is what I have realized this past year. Just because we are meant to do something doesn't mean we are meant to be "good" at it, or make any kind of money from it. But if you feel compelled to do it, then fucking do it who cares. Do it. For me being on stage takes me to a place where worldly things don't exist. 

2013 could be the most revealing year I have ever experienced, but for every mystery solved, 1000 stayed covered. I was so hungry to tour & play gigs at any expense. I maxed all my resources to do this, I am spent. I am not sure what will come of 2014. Likely release a cassette or two. I booked 47 gigs in 2013, I hope to do the same in 2014. But through all this exploration, I realized how much I love Alberta, and Calgary in particular. January 2014 will mark an 11 year anniversary of my first bar gig, at Vern's, where Broken City now stands. Thanks Clint, I love you man. In the past 11 years it has always been on my mind as to how I can be apart of the music scene in Calgary. I continue to ask myself this question. Having recognition abroad as an artist is a special thing, and I don't believe it happens by chance. Additionally having a strong local scene doesn't happen by chance. So in 2014, I am going to take a step back as a touring musician, and two steps forward for the scene in Calgary. I am going to focus as much energy towards it as I did touring this past year. We will see you around town Calgary. 

So heres some of my highlights of 2013: Getting married, Sharing my sons art across the continent, Broken City Patio GIG (BIG), New Radar (Calvin Love), Opening for Royal Canoe // Calvin Love // Sean Nicholas Savage // HUMANS // MBF // HighKicks // Gold & Youth, Living in my van on tour, the thousands of new genuine smiles I encountered on my adventures. 

Fuck yes planet earth. Wow. Stoked to do it again...





Hey gang,

The vinyl is in. Here is a list of shows in western Canada in which you can acquire one. 

Nov.14th - Wunderbar - Edmonton

Nov.15th - HIFI CLUB - Calgary (BeatRoute Presents)

Nov.16th - OWL - Lethbridge

Nov.21st - Rose & Crown - Banff

Nov.22nd - Fernandos - Kelowna

Nov.29th - Louis' Pub - Saskatoon


I am really looking forward to this month! The van has been itching to hit the road! SEE YOU SOON!!!! 




West Coast exploration


I will be exploring the west coast this august! I will be opening for one of my vancouver favs DEAD VOICES August 24th @ The Cobalt. I am feeling a strong pull to test out the sea legs on my 97 GMC van and take it to California. 

I have written lots of new material lately on the CasioTone, and there is talks of shooting another video with Cody Spence. 

Whenever I hit the open road I feel at home. Whenever I roll into a new town, I know who I am. There is a fire within me blazing and craving intensity. My water is boiling over. At times I must bike, run, dance as hard as I can just to feel at ease. The thought of the conventional stings my sunny disposition. I have these songs and sounds ringing in my head, the music is how I perceive this reality. I love to sing low, I love to belt it high, and if you wonder whats up with mills, I am not sure I can tell you why. This is what I am, and how it makes sense in this compartmentalized, conventionalized, gentrified, synthesized, genetically modified, over analyzed and deceivingly under civilized culture is a mystery to me. Muffins in a cake pan. Hey Mills, why are your shorts so short? Hey guy, why do you let others define the boundaries of your potential? Choose your capacity. Grow like an infant, learn like a child, live longer than trees, its right there in front of us, you will see. I am inspired by seniors at the nude beach, they place their bodies where they belong in the hierachy of self. Letting go. Placing emphasis on the light in their eyes, rather than the shape of their chest, buns, bi's, tri's, quads and thighs. Respect. 

Go Love Yourself test pressings arrived, they sound super neat. I am very excited about it, and very grateful for all the love and support which allowed me to create it. Love Light Life



Flood of Support


What a whirlwind of love and support it has been since returning from Tour. 

It didn't come as a surprise returning to a rainy & stormy Alberta. Performing 30 ft. from the Bow river in the east village as it was about to crest, and soon after explore the streets of Calgary was quite shocking. I shook my head and didn't believe it when I heard Sled Island was cancelled. The power of our blessed mother earth. So abundant, so patient, so forgiving and nurturing. Every time I turn on my shower or tap, I perceive the process in a whole new way. We are so privileged. I have so much reverence for the nature on things. Summer equinox aligned with a powerful full moon, the water within all of us shifted. 

Seems unfitting to follow it up with a faux pas 10 day event riddled with excess. 

I love you Calgary, I love you Mother Nature, I love you Sled Island. Forever and always. 

Check me out July 20th at noon for the East Village River Walk celebration in Calgary, opening for the High Kicks! 



Vans, Heat, Cash, Music. Love.


What a brilliant week I have had of performing, raising money for flood relief, and expanding my exposure to this physical reality.

The heat in the van has been unbearable. I love the van. The windows do not work, and the AC is a little too expensive to recharge right now. I am at a vandstill. It will get sorted out.

I have some really excited gigs coming up!

July 10th - Dickens Pub (yyc) - Siksika Nation Relief Fundraiser

July 12th - Commonwealth (yyc) - BIG

July 13th - Palomino (yyc) - Rock & Roll Rodeo

As our sun moves through Cancer, I have feel very rooted in establishing stability in my household. Annie and I are gearing up, and getting that van ready to be as comfortable and livable as possible!

Vinyl test pressings are in the mail.

Love you lovelies.



Siksika Nation Relief Concert


Last night was incredible! CYCLEPALOOZA Bike Prom was a blast! The interaction between dance celebration and the audience was very special to me. Spirit mode. 

I was supposed to play tonight @ The HIFI CLUB but it seems that they have yet to restore their electricity since the YYC Flood. Which brings me to my next topic and event...


The level of devastation that these people experienced cannot go without attention or intention. The aboriginal peoples in Alberta have been grossly mistreated over the years. I am unsure exactly how we can rectify the damage done to their way of life, rich culture, and well being. In my experience, the racism in Alberta towards aboriginals is some of the fiercest I have ever encountered. This will not change until we start educating our children as to how they were segregated and taken advantage of. 



Toronto and Back x2!


Its been quite the quest. The van worked out so well for the tour. I have come to realize that I was likely nomadic in a past life. Grazing the land. Seeking new sights and experiences, different energetic fields. 

I am very grateful I have the opportunity share my experiences and to spread around some cassettes into the cosmic trail of musical stardust we left behind. 

Check out CREAKS & VIKING FELL from Edmonton.

Look into GLOSS & FURY THINGS from Minneapolis. 

Also FAT HOT & KINDA GOOD from Chicago. 

MAX PHOENIX from Toronto.

BEACH DAY from Florida. 

Shout outs. So important. Huge thanks to SLED ISLAND festival for pouring so much love and passion into the City of Calgary. So much to learn from nature, especially when it displays its energetic force and presence. 

Test pressings for the VINYL are being mailed out. Going to have a private listening party, really excited for that. 




It has been one of the most expansive limit destroying weeks of my life. My super rad pal Cody Spence has been helping me shoot a music video for "Body Break", which will consist of me dancing with my boom box all over Calgary to unsuspecting public audiences. A one man flash mob if you will.

I have had the opportunity to randomly perform for hundreds of people, either on the street waiting in line to get into a bar on 17th, waiting for the Ctrain, on the Ctrain, @ the food court @ UofC, and it has been a blast.

With that being said, there was one occurrence that has been a highlight thus far, and it happened at a gig I did in the parking lot of a gas station, because two beautiful girls inspired me to light it up! It was them, sitting in their vehicle, me convulsing interpretively, and a brief instant in time where every other dimension within the space time vortex faded. The look of wonder, excitement, confusion, curiosity, and pure bliss radiating from their essence sent me to a new frontier of expression and acceptance of who I have always been. Probably the last thing they expected at the gas station, and we destroyed boundaries and limitations that night. 

To confidently look into a strangers eyes and sing them a song, which now takes on a whole new context for me, and push through every fear and insecurity has changed me in a way. Best performance experience ever.  

Thank you, I love you, I am honored to share my craft and passion with all of you! 

Cheers! Respect! Namaste! I am another you! 



Home Sweet Home!


So my tour to Montreal and back was an absolute success! I met so many wonderful people along the way, and i am very excited to do it again in June! I will be applying for NXNE and Sled island, which would be a back to back festival experience and will mean driving straight from TO to YYC! 

We are going to be picking up my new pal from Chicago, Omree, who will join us on our quest as he will make many great contacts and meet lots of rad bands that he can book in Chicago. He is also going to be my tour manager for the Japan Tour!!!! 

Arran Fisher has the tracks, he is mixing the album, then it will be off to LA to get mastered. I am going to press vinyl, and CD's for promo! 

So stoked. I am very grateful to be able to share my lifes passion with all of you, thank you for your support! 

see you around! 



Happy New Year 2013!


I am so blessed, I have been having the most amazing time in Toronto with my brother glen and friend Dan. They have introduced me to so many inspiring people! We have gone to yoga almost every day, makes me feel like home! 

We went to Montreal the other day, and it was magical! I was able to set up a couple more contacts for shows next time I'm out there, and while searching for a cafe, I crossed paths with POP MONTREAL's office, so I payed them a visit. 

It has been a very productive trip so far, and I am all warmed up! I love you toronto, I love you montreal! 

Happy New Year! Manifest your dreams in 2013! 



And so the story goes...


This collection of songs mean a lot to me.

Transitioning to a new family dynamic which was foreign to me, was the hardest thing I have ever experienced in this life. I was so attached to the traditional arrangement, where both biological parents lived under the same roof. My babies momma has moved on, and is now engaged to a wonderful man, and his maturity and experience has been very supportive through this whole process.

I have come to know, that when you label situations in life as good or bad, you limit your ability to realize its true purpose. 

Becoming a single dad has been the richest, most valuable experience I have ever been granted in my life. Without the support of my parents, I'm unsure I would have come through as I did, but being handed a 1.5 year old part time by myself was almost too much to swallow, for an individual that had yet to learn how to care for himself. Jacob is now 3, and in this time I have become a provider, protector, spiritual leader, disciplinary, nurturer, chef, house keeper, chauffeur, teacher, and everything else required to maintain a healthy balance in the home.

I share this to perhaps provide a context in which this collection of songs was created.

If it weren't for a devoted yoga practice, I may have gone down a different path. Much of the inspiration, and most of these songs I will share with you were written after yoga and meditation.

I am naming this album "Go Love Yourself", in tribute to the transition I made in life, where I chose love over hatred, and accountability rather than deferring liability. I am eternally blessed and grateful for all I have in life. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!!



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